Ponchos will be available again in June, 2015.

Big thanks to everyone who helped make our Fall 2014/Winter 2015 season a 100% success. We were completely sold out two weeks before Christmas. Production of new ponchos is underway right now and sales are expected to begin some time in June.  Yes, it will be summer, but wouldn't that be a great time for a sale or a coupon?

In the meantime, please visit and subscribe to the Car Seat Poncho Blog for updates, events and important product news.  You can also friend Donna Eng (Car Seat Poncho inventor) on Facebook. If you have a specific question, please write to us at info@hbarryboollc.com.

(Updated 4/24/2015)
T h e  C a r  S e a t  P o n c h o
Before you go outside, pop the Car Seat Poncho onto your child.
As you seat him, drape the back of the Car Seat Poncho over the back of the car seat.
Pull the zipper open from the bottom.
Fasten the car seat harness as directed by your car seat's manufacturer.
Pull the zipper down and you're ready to go!
As the inside of your car car warms up, you can lower the top zipper to keep your child from overheating.
Invented by a Child Passenger Safety Technician
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