H  o  m  e

How warm?  Plenty warm enough for moms and kids in Minnesota, Alaska, and Nebraska, where sub-zero cold is a fact of life.

"It was 13 degrees this morning, with a negative wind chill factor.  I put her in a fleece, then put the Car Seat Poncho over it, and she stayed nice and toasty!" posted on MOTHERING.COM

The Car Seat Poncho keeps body heat close to the body, so as the poncho is draped around the seat, that warmth fills and spreads through the entire space underneath the poncho. Taking your child's coat off in the car releases their body heat into thin air (literally).  

Car Seat Ponchos are keeping children warm in frigid place like:

  • ALASKA: Sitka, Juneau
  • COLORADO: Aurora, Brighton, Broomfield, Conifer, Granby, Grand Junction, Longmont, Peyton, Snowmass, Denver  
  • MICHIGAN: Dearborn Heights, Farmington Hills, Fenton, Howell, Kalamazoo, Mount Pleasant, Pinckney, Saginaw, Saint Joseph, Taylor  
  • MINNESOTAMaple Grove, Minneapolis, Ramsey  
  • NORTH DAKOTA: Grand Forks  
  • NEBRASKA: Bennington, Papillon, Omaha
  • SOUTH DAKOTA: Brandon  
  • WISCONSINAmherst, Appleton, Edgerton, Muskego, Racine, Saint Francis, Sheboygan, Superior, Waukesha
  • CANADA:  Alberta, Ontario, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Calgary

This is just a partial list.  Moms in Ohio, Iowa, Indiana, Illinois and across the country are using the Car Seat Poncho, too!

See all colors and sizes here.
The Car Seat Poncho is warm in extreme cold!