T h e  C a r  S e a t  P o n c h o
b y   H   B  a  r  r  y   B  o  o   L  L  C
Before you go outside, pop the Car Seat Poncho onto your child.
As you seat him, drape the back of the Car Seat Poncho over the back of the car seat.
Pull the zipper open from the bottom.
Fasten the car seat harness as directed by your car seat's manufacturer.
Pull the zipper down and you're ready to go!
As the inside of your car car warms up, you can lower the top zipper to keep your child from overheating.

Invented by a Child Passenger Safety Technician​
Since 2005, the Car Seat Poncho has been keeping kids warm in their car seats WITHOUT the bulk or hassle of a puffy coat.

Cozy warm in bitter cold
The Car Seat Poncho is made of TWO layers of thick, 400-weight fleece. It keeps kids warm in places like Chicago, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Alaska, Calgary, Saskatchewan, and dozens more -- where sub-zero cold and icy winds are a fact of life!

Quick and convenient
The Car Seat Poncho will make your life easier. It gets you and your kids out of the house, buckled in a jiffy, and on your way in no time!

Proudly made in the USA